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Important facts

Union for Private Economic Enterprise (UPEE) is a Bulgarian non-profit employers’ organization of the micro, small and medium enterprises.

UPEE was founded in 1989 by the first entrepreneurs in Bulgaria in order to encourage the business initiative and to represent the collective interests of the employers in the field of the labor market and industrial relations.

UPEE is a dynamically growing business organization that has always met the challenges of time with adequate policy and creative solutions for small and medium businesses in the country. Today, UPEE is not only a reliable social partner of its members – private sector employers, but also supports actively their activities and their development.

UPEE follows the model of the European social partner organizations – protecting its members – the private entrepreneurs and representing the interests of small and medium businesses before national and international institutions and authorities.

Our Mission

The mission of UPEE is to be a reliable partner for the small and medium enterprises by supporting and protecting the business development of its members, promoting entrepreneurship in any economic form, start-ups, as well as working actively for the economic and social prosperity of the country.

Our vision

UPEE – the organization, chosen by the entrepreneurs to represent and protect their interests at national and global levels

UPEE – the organization, which sustains a consistent policy towards the reduction of the administrative and bureaucratic burdens and obstacles for the business.

UPEE – the organization, which creates a balanced and favorable economic environment, contributing to the stabilization, growth and prosperity of the small and medium size companies.

Each entrepreneur, becoming a UPEE social and economic partner, is fully granted the UPEE support for his business development, starting from the representation before the government institutions, active assistance for the participation in the EU funded programs and reaching to the assistance for the implementation of the most modern business innovations.

Our strategy

UPEE’s strategy is based on the initiative for further strengthening the sustainability and the competitiveness of the European SMEs (Small Business Act in Europe) 2008/2011 and its ten principles in support of the small and medium business.

“Think small first” is UPEE’s motto, which reflects the nature of its business and is a pivot for the development of the Action Plan of the EU for the period 2014 -2020.
UPEE joins and supports the EU Strategy 2014-2020 and is focused on the implementation of its key priorities:
Smart /intelligent/ growth – developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation;

Sustainable growth – promoting a more resource efficient, environment oriented economy;

Inclusive growth – fostering a high-employment economy delivering social and territorial cohesion.

The creation of the most favorable preconditions for economic growth and new workplaces is strongly dependent on the political engagement of the highest level as well as on the joining efforts by all the process participants in Europe.

UPEE is planning the deployment of a large-scale network of events and actions synchronizing with Europe Action Plan 2014-2020 and the seven major initiatives of the European Strategy for Development:

1. Innovation Union – focusing on the research & development policy, surmounting at the same time the gap between the science achievements and the market, thus transforming innovations into real products. The ultimate goal: to improve framework conditions and access to finance for research and innovation so as to ensure that innovative ideas can be turned into products and services that create economic growth and new jobs. The Community patent, for example, may lead to economies of scale for the EU enterprises reaching EUR 289 mln. every year.

2. Youth on the move – increasing the quality standards and strength on international level of the European system for higher education by encouraging the students’ and young professionals’ mobility and facilitating the entry of young people to the labour market. A good step forward is facilitating the access to the unoccupied work positions as well as full acknowledgement of the professional qualification and work experience in all the EU member-states.

3. A digital agenda for EU – achievement of sustainable economy and social advantages of the digital common market by speeding up the roll-out of high-speed internet. Every European citizen shall have the access to high speed internet connection till the end of 2013.

4. Resource efficient Europe – transition to a more effective economy resource usage, shift towards a “low carbon” economy, increase the use of renewable energy sources, modernization of the transport sector and promotion of energy efficiency. Europe should adhere to the 2020 objectives in the field of the production of energy, energy efficiency and consumption. The direct effect will be the cost saving of EUR 60 bln. in the field of oil & gas consumption until 2020.

5. An industrial policy for globalization era – encouraging the entrepreneurship and new skills acquisition, improving the business environment, notably for the SMEs, supporting the development of a strong and sustainable industrial base able to compete globally, thus leading to the generation of thousands of new jobs.

6. An agenda for new skills and jobs –modernization of the labor markets aimed at the increase of the employment levels as well as guarantee for the sustainability of the social models related to the retirement of the post war generation, developing employees’ skills throughout the lifecycle with a view to increase labour participation and to better match labour supply and demand.

7. EU platform against poverty – ensuring social and territorial cohesion leading to unlimited sharing the benefits of economic growth and jobs and granting people who experience poverty and social exclusion the option to take an active part in the society life.

UPEE contributes to the achievement of the five main objectives of Europe for the period, as proposed by the Commission:
1. Employment – 75% of the population of age 20-64 should be employed;
2. Innovation – 3 % of the EU’s GDP should be invested in research & development;
3. Climate variations – the “20/20/20″ climate/energy targets should be met (30 % emissions reduction incl.);
4. Education – the share of early school leavers should be under 10% and at least 40% of the people of age 30-34 should have a higher university education or its equivalent;
5. Poverty – Poverty reduction by decreasing the poverty and social isolation risk for at least 20 mln. people.

UPEE follows the national strategy of the Ministry of Economy and Energy for small and medium businesses 2014-2020.
UPEE’s strategy includes system analysis and surveys of business conditions, elaboration of laws and proposals for improvement of the business climate in the country, a plan for economic and financial support to companies in UPEE and achieving international cooperation in their favor.
UPEE’s strategy includes system analysis and surveys of the current business environment, elaboration of laws and proposals for the improvement of the country business climate, a plan for economic and financial support to SME companies as well as active international cooperation.
UPEE’s strategy is achieved through:
- Participation in the legislative process;
- Participation in the National Tripartite Council and the Supreme Economic Council of the country;
- Representation in committees and commissions monitoring the EU operational programs;
- Representation in the municipal councils and committees in the different country regions;
UPEE is a member of IOE, UEAPME and works in close partnership with the other chambers of commerce, business associations and international organizations from many European and other countries.
The excellent team of professionals and experts in the field of law, economy and finance helps UPEE to perform successfully its activities and to become a transparent, modern society of entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, which evolves dynamically following the European and international practices.
UPEE works Socially, Ethical, Expert and Innovative thanks to the credit of its 4,600 members and 26 branch organizations, joining their efforts to improve the economic, social, educational and the cultural environment in the country.

Important facts

Our Mission

Our vision

Our strategy

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